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When Oliver Reed died in May 1999, the world lost one of its most compelling on-screen presences - and most colourful off-screen personalities. Since then his catalogue of work spanning over forty years seems to have been largely forgotten or ignored. Remarkable for an actor who at the height of his career was Britain's most highly paid and internationally famous film star; unfortunate for a man who later became infamous for his TV appearances and off-screen antics rather than his earlier film successes.

Whether he was brawling with the Cardinal's guards as Athos in The Three Musketeers or staggering his way through singing The Wild One on a TV chat show, there can be little doubt that Oliver Reed never did anything half-heartedly.

"Life should be lived and that's all there is to it", he once remarked - and he certainly lived his life with a gusto that has rarely been equalled.

That such a colourful and eventful life should go un-commemorated would be a great loss; a waste of the story of not only a talented and constantly underrated actor, but of a man who knew from an early age what we may only come to realise in later life; that life is short - and should be enjoyed to the full and in the best way we know how.

The aim of this website is to celebrate that life - both on and off screen - through a collection of articles, interviews, anecdotes and images.

So whether you're looking for Oliver Reed the actor or Ollie Reed the hellraiser - you should find it here at OliverReed.net.



Burning Both Ends: When Oliver Reed Met Keith Moon

A radio play starring Sean Pertwee as Oliver Reed, and Arthur Darvill as Keith Moon.

Available on the BBC iPlayer until 1st July 2014  UK only

Burning Both Ends tells the story of one of the most infamous, unexpected and touching of friendships between two icons of the 1970s, Oliver Reed and Keith Moon.

In the mid-1970s, Oliver was an international movie star, and Keith was a rock n'roll legend, the drummer for rock band, The Who. Both were famous for their partying and boozing, as well as their undeniable talents. Mercurial and unpredictable, both men were at the top of their game - but the top can be a very lonely place.

Then they met, on the film set of The Who's epic rock opera, Tommy. What followed was a revelation - in each other they found a true kindred spirit, their own shadow image.

This is a story of madness and mayhem, antics and adventures, but also of love and loss - the dangerous, dazzling brilliance of two unbridled spirits connecting, but then the huge pain when one of them dies prematurely.

Recounting the electrifying "bruv-affair" between these two iconic figures, Burning Both Ends is the story of two men who found in each other a true friend, and who loved each other as fiercely as they partied. . .

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